Greetings!  We’re back from a long stint in the field.  Averaging about four hours of sleep a night, the last couple of months of EDGE work has been exhausting and rewarding.

This month we facilitated the beginnings of a project between our shared genetics lab in Namibia and our partners in South Africa, including Kruger, to study the effects of big game hunting on elephants.

We worked on plans for a  human – elephant conflict solution (HEC) with our parters Rory Hensman Foundation.

We provided gear to the Special Rangers in Kruger National Park and grew our plans and relationship there (see below!)  — we are the only US non profit working in this way with Kruger.

We arranged meetings and consultation with attorneys helping with counter-poaching efforts.

EDGE provided media services to Skukuza Golf Course and a private game lodge — excellent opportunities for EDGE in building relationships and donor opportunities in key areas.  Stay tuned for more “media services” efforts…

Three donors joined us for a tour of sites and to meet our close friends and partners, enjoy a few braais and see the Big 5 up close.

Or work continues.  We’re home, fundraising, and planning exciting things for the next year, including moving into a home base in SA and building our podcast (a producer and host have come on board to help us with this).

We were extremely pleased to welcome support this month from 5.11, Adidas Outdoor, Multicam/Crye Precision, Manning, Kess & Ramirez Law Firm and Guardian Point.  Our list of friends is growing (and we hope you will join the bandwagon).

We need your continued help.  I need your help.

This year, we intend to bring 6 Kruger Special Rangers to the US for canine patrol training as we help tomorrows leaders in counter poaching.  This is history in the making; the first training of its kind of SANP Rangers in the US; building a program where animals protect animals, non-lethal solutions to lethal problems.  We’ve secured matching funds up to $50,000.00, but we need $50,000 more to make this ambitious plan work by September.

On the other side of the fence, we need your help providing hydroponics systems to impoverished townships — these are small, inexpensive solutions that can have a huge impact in preventing poaching and protecting wildlife where conservation starts — in communities.  The cost to us is $10,000.00

Finally this year, we need your help funding an extraordinary project with our partner Rory Hensman Foundation.  Human Elephant Conflict (HEC) is a pressing problem.  Daily all over the continent, Elephants are shot by farmers as the animals encroach on crops.

Using rescued elephants to test each step of the process, we believe we have an effective solution in low-impact, low-cost barrier that dissuade the ellies but allow other small game to pass.

This is our year.  Our team in LA, North Carolina, Colorado and South Africa is working daily on all of these projects, and the beginning of all this work is your support — and that of your friends.

Follow us and recommend us on social media.  For those home shoppers, add us on Amazon Smile.  You can donate via our website.  Anything helps.

Thank you for being a part of our effort.  We’re a year old and things are getting exciting.

Come join us on the ground as we bring innovation to conservation.

The EDGE Team

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