EDGE is pleased contribute Media Services wherever we go.  This means pictures and videos for marketing, for example.

How does this help conservation?  If we can help a lodge or another business in a conservation area grow or reach more people, then tourism dollars help support their work and livelihood, for example.  We work with great talent in these areas who are gracious to donate their time and skills.

Our latest offering is for Skukuza Golf Club in Kruger National Park.  This club is located in the staff village where many of the employees of the park work, and live directly among animals.  As this video shows, this course is extraordinary; you can see the Big 5 while playing a round.

We’re pleased to share this with you and encourage you to drop by and see the course if you’re in Kruger — it’s a part of the park history and every dollar spent there goes to those who have given their lives to preserving the park.


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