Building Playgrounds

While pursuing our next generation wildlife security efforts, we have been asked specifically to help provide playgrounds to communities in South Africa National parks. 

These communities — small villages — are home to the park staff, many whom make very little, and there is little for children among the staff housing. 

These playgrounds make a difference. 

With a  new partner MonkeyWorx, EDGE provided 4 playgrounds last month in the park and in another area of operation where kids are in need. 

Along with these, we will provide standing art boards with wildlife facts to stir the imaginations of kids to become wildlife protectors.  

We still need your help.

We still need these playgrounds sponsored.  

For a $5,000 donation, we’ll put you or your company’s name on a plaque in front of the playground.  The money covers the playground and our security efforts in these areas.  

We want to provide more of these, to help and foster goodwill and wildlife protectors in these communities.  And we want you to invest with us.
Click below for a time-lapse video as we put one of these up!  

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