Ecological Defense Group Announces Launch of EDGE Conservation Podcast

LOS ANGELES, July 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ –Ecological Defense Group (EDGE) announced this week the launch of the EDGE Conservation Podcast, focused on conservation efforts across the globe. The first of its kind podcast follows global thought leaders in wildlife conservation.

“We’re thrilled to invite the top and bravest minds in conservation to this platform — and we’re excited to hear their stories,” said Nathan Edmondson, president of EDGE. “Conservation is a global effort, requiring constant innovation, and we hope to learn from those on the frontlines protecting vulnerable wildlife.”  

EDGE introduces photography to local communities in South Africa
EDGE introduces photography to local communities in South Africa
EDGE Podcast features leading-edge experts in wildlife conservation
EDGE Podcast features leading-edge experts in wildlife conservation

EDGE podcast producer and host Kira Dorrian said, “As the host, I get to speak with some of the most incredible people in the world. Each one is different, and yet, if you listen closely, there is a common thread between all of our guests and a tangible solution to wildlife preservation if we are willing to step up and make a change.”

Hosted by Kira Dorrian and produced by Kira, Eric Johnson and EDGE, the EDGE Conservation Podcast features interviews with experts and insiders in the world of conservation including: 

Paul Blackthorne; actor, producer, conservationist
Louie Psihoyos; director of The Cove and Racing Extinction
Devon Galpin Clarke; founder of Endangered Activism
Shannon Malone; producer of Planet Earth
Paul Templer; safari guide, Author, “What’s Left of Me”

And many more.

For more information about the podcast, or to listen to the first episodes released, please visit or follow EDGE on Twitter at @EcoDefenseGroup. 

The podcast launch follows the institution of EDGE’s Photography and Art Clubs. Starting in South Africa, top photographers and artists foster wildlife awareness among youth in crisis conservation areas.

According to Jessica Contreras, Director of EDGE Photography Programs, “One of these kids captures an image that tells a story, and the whole world sees it. That is the power of photography, and we’re so excited to share it with those who truly live in the best place on earth to take a picture of these amazing animals. We want to help them show the world how special these animals truly are.”  

Many African species face extinction in the next generation — with photography and art, EDGE invites youth in African communities on conservation frontlines to look at their native wildlife in a new way, to have the option for a career moving forward. 

About EDGE

Founded in 2017, Ecological Defense Group (EDGE) is an ambitious counter-poaching and conservation organization. We’re a collaborative team with backgrounds in technology, US Special Operations, entertainment and international business. With an international core team EDGE works directly with those on the front lines of the most radical efforts to protect and preserve African Wildlife. For more information, please visit

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Maree Jones  

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