Adopt an Elephant with EDGE & our partner RHCRU!

We’re inviting your class, company or family to sponsor research that preserves elephants and makes a difference — by adopting one of our rescued elephants!

With our partners RHCRU/Adventures With Elephants in Bela-Bela, Limpopo, South Africa, we’re doing extraordinary work to help ensure a bright future for these majestic and endangered animals who face difficult challenges.

When you adopt an elephant with us, you will get weekly updates about your elephant and our research, a packet with facts about conservation and preservation of these great species, video calls with your elephant, and a plaque with your ellie’s picture to display!

We invite you to raise $500-1000 for a year-long adoption.


What will your adoption do?

Our elephants have been rescued from culling and need to be protected.

These elephants are ambassadors — to local communities, to visitors, to the world, to help everyone understand the value of these animals.

Your money also helps with ambitious and innovative genetic research to help as, together with the elephants, we learn how to better repopulate and protect elephants, ensuring healthy, natural populations — and find solutions for Human Elephant Conflict.

We need your help, and so do the ellies!

Here’s some ways you can do that–and we can help you offer incentives!

Reach out to us by clicking here and we will help you –– and even arrange a presentation either in person or by video!

This program involves kids directly in conservation, and educates them in the current realities of protecting endangered species.  We can present, answer questions, and send materials to help classes better understand the realities of protecting and preserving elephants and other extraordinary species.

Here are the elephants you can adopt!

Elephant Annual Adoption

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