EDGE Boards

Board of Directors


Al Siering

Former US Special Missions Unit Combat Veteran, President - Guardian Point. Denver, CO.


Bob Cisneros

Director, Big Bear Alpine Zoo; Former National President, Board of Directors America Association of Zoo Keepers

Sean Dowsing

General Counsel, Orion Construction, San Diego, CA.

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Kevin Mann

President, Level Peaks Associates, Sutton House. Hereford, UK

Atlanta, GA
Turner Entertainment Group
Tricia Melton
SVP, Marketing
Photo: Mark Hill

Tricia Melton

Senior Vice President, Marketing, Creative and Brand at Freeform, Los Angeles, CA.


Christian Schauf

Founder and CEO CCS Uncharted Supply Co; Park City, Utah

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Andrea Desfarges

Award-winning marketing and PR Strategist; Cape Town, SA


Nathan Edmondson

President, EDGE. Writer; Director, ALLIED Operations Group. Los Angeles, CA


Dr. Gayle Pedersen

PhD, Conservation, Behavioural and Molecular Ecologist South Africa


Will Lymer

Chief Strategy Officer, Loki Labs

Board of Advisors

Sean Hensman

Rory Hensman Conservation and Research Unit

Aric Gray

Managing Director at Banyan Risk Group

Erica Davidson

Education and School Support

Ant Matthews

Business Association

Bethany Veasey

Attorney; Legal & Liability Consultation

Maree Jones

Marketing and Publicity

Jacob Berendes

Digital Platforms Development

Accounting & Compliance

Lichter & Yu Associates

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