Conservation through Art

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EDGE is about innovation, which doesn’t mean simply technology: we’re bring new ways of thinking about conservation. One of those is art — check out this video and then pick up one of Rob Prior’s exclusive prints

Also, don’t miss out on the Rhino print from famous artist Steve Penley, offered to benefit us!

We love art and connecting to the beauty of African wildlife.  Thank you again to Rory Hensman Research and Conservation Unit, Adventures with Elephants, and Project Hope for their support of this growing program.  

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Special Rangers in the US

This September, EDGE (Eco Defense Group) makes history by inviting the Kruger Park Special Rangers from South Africa to the United States to help develop the top conservation leaders of tomorrow.  

The Special Rangers, who represent the most successful counter-poaching effort on the continent, visit the US for Professional Development of K9 and other field methods as EDGE facilitates the first shared training of this kind ever.  
The Rangers will liaise and work with a number of groups representing the top expertise in K9, tracking and engagement programs in the US to sharpen their efforts in tracking and arresting poachers in the park, which is home to the world’s largest remaining rhino population.  

This is a unique opportunity for both the US and the South African Rangers as the Rangers visit five cities in three states to not only develop their own skills but they will also present their experience and educate the US on their successes and challenges in conservation, an international concern, at events in various locations.  The Special Rangers represent a radical new and highly effective approach to combatting poachers. 

EDGE is a 501c3 dedicated to innovative approaches to conservation for African Wildlife, and was founded in part to support Ranger efforts in counter poaching.

EDGE is researching the impact of big game hunting on African populations.

Big game hunting is in the news right now with the Trump Administration’s reversal on the ban against the importation of big game trophies.  

Trophy hunters often target the largest and strongest males, creating a weaker, more vulnerable population.  

Slowly — and sometimes not so slowly — hunting, selective breeding and other programs alter the natural development, diversity and genetics of many species.  

EDGE works currently with the Namibian Ministry of Environment and Tourism to design and implement large scale sampling and analysis of populations in collaboration with trophy hunting organizations to better understand the issue and find ideal solutions and policies.

We’re trying to build and sustain two labs in two countries to do this on a big scale.  

This is the only program of its kind right now — and our ambitions, led by our geneticist working to develop our Namibian lab — are continent-wide.

See the full press release about this on our site.

And please check out our latest campaign to build communities (I, along with our team, head over in just a couple of weeks to focus on these programs).

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