EDGE works with top scientific minds and organizations as well as forward-thinking on-the-ground partners to answer tough questions in new ways.

The battle to stop extinction cannot continue in the same way. 

It’s time for innovation.


Technology is a tool, not a solution. 

EDGE consults on the implementation of drone, thermal, night vision and other technological tools for more effective counter-poaching techniques and tactics. 

Once security plans are in place at a personnel level, EDGE supports connections and the introduction of high technology solutions – like thermal-imaging drones.


With Partners, EDGE pursues an ambitious and completely new program to manage and preserve big, natural elephant populations.  

  • A DNA database which will allow us to always identify a piece of ivory to a specific elephant or elephant population. Putting huge pressure on the end users buying illegal ivory.
  • DNA to determine any health issues in our populations such as inbreeding, deformities, as well as identifying the “Big Tusker Gene” and healthy populations to breed effectively with.


EDGE works with companies and brands to connect the reality on the ground to the rest of the world. 

Innovation begins with fundraising and awareness.

Get news from the field.

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