EDGE is a Special ops capable organization dedicated to the protection of African wildlife.  

We are an international coalition.  We support and development frontline counter-poaching units.

We assess needs, consult on solutions, and empower those that stand between the rhino and the poacher.

we sharpen the tip
of the spear.

EDGE works on the frontlines of African Wildlife poaching.
With US, UK and South African specialists, we assess, consult and train counter-poaching teams.

We invited and develop asymmetric capabilities for wildlife protection rangers and security groups. EDGE is a force multiplier.


EDGE works across borders, bringing effective skills from one country to another.
The poaching crisis is continent-wide, and EDGE's professionals can work in any environment on any problem.

the protectors.

We aim to keep safe those that safeguard wildlife. We develop and provide custom equipment solutions for those that defend wildlife on behalf of the entire world.


Wildlife trafficking must be stopped at the source.

The frontlines of counter-poaching are often in the backyards of communities who must work first to keep their land and animals safe.

EDGE works with communities to coordinate and sponsor heightened capabilities where no ranger forces exist.

The right

Through partnerships with cutting edge companies, EDGE provides specialized gear for counter poaching teams.

We deliver the tools the protectors need.

airsoft training

EDGE introduces Airsoft training for force-on-force, scenarios and active shooter training.


EDGE answers the call to provide unique special ops to protect wild places - like fast-rope helicopter training for firefighters.

K9 development

EDGE is founded with the world's top military working dog experts, with extensive battlefield experience.

Experts on the EDGE team have trained and implemented some of the most effective K9 units in the Rhino war. .

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