EDGE was co-founded by former US Army Special Operations combat veterans.  EDGE has introduced skillsets and capabilities to conservation that have never before been introduced.  

EDGE supports advanced professional assessment, development implementation for wildlife protection professionals. 

We believe in an asymmetric protection force for rhino, elephant, lion and all endangered species. 

We stand with those who stand against poachers. 


EDGE is founded with the world’s top military working dog experts, with extensive battlefield experience. 

Experts on the EDGE team have developed and trained military patrol dogs in Sub-Saharan Africa in a counter-poaching unit — and continue to develop innovative K9 capabilities to give Rangers and wildlife protectors the advantage they need.


Conservation starts with community. 

This year, EDGE began a program to support the frontline protectors of wildlife in communities that live alongside wildlife that’s being targeted by poachers. 

These brave defenders are conservationists who do not have state support or the investment of other NGOS — EDGE means to have their back.  


Manned air protection can make all the difference.  

EDGE provides flight suits, consultation and more to counter poaching air wings.


The key to wildlife protection often lies in the ability to communicate.  

Communication development begins at the team level.  EDGE consults on basic comms application as well as the implementation of next-generation radio, GPS and cellular technology.

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