Innovation to conservation

Founded out of need.

EDGE is an ambitious counter-poaching and conservation organization. We’re a collaborative team with backgrounds in technology, US Special Operations, entertainment and international business. Our core team is international.

We’re partnered on the ground – we work directly with those on the front lines of the most radical efforts to protect and preserve endangered species.

We bring unique resources to the campaign to protect wildlife in robust and effective ways.


To bring innovation to conservation. 


The ambitious preservation of African wildlife through developing protection, fostering innovation and engaging communities.  

Our impact



  • Solar Lighting to a community without power
  • Body Armor, boots, uniforms for 25 Rangers
  • DNA Sequencers and sample freezers for Genetic Elephant Mapping


  • Facilitated Ranger Professional Development
  • Art Education in 2 Communities
  • Art supplies to two schools
  • Elephant darting and population map program


  • Art Education in 2 Communities
  • Art supplies to two schools
  • Flight Suits for 8 Counter Poaching Air Wing Pilots
  • Development of security program to cover 1.3 million hectares of wildlife 
protectors equipped
Youth educated
acres protected
elephants sampled

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