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Over 1,000 rhino will be poached this year in Africa.
Join us on the frontlines of conservation.

EDGE is ambitious non-profit bringing innovation to conservation. Here's what you helped us do >>>

Last year donations to EDGE went toward:
  • Ranger Professional Development
  • Art Education in 2 Communities
  • Art supplies to two schools
  • Solar Lighting to a community without power
  • Body Armor, boots, uniforms for 25 Rangers
  • Flight Suits for 8 Counter Poaching Air Wing Pilots
  • DNA Sequencers and sample freezers for Genetic Elephant Mapping
  • Elephant darting and population map program funded for 2018
  • Protection. Innovation. Community.

    Foreward Thinking

    The fight to save endangered species must not merely be reactive. We’re working in the future: consulting and facilitating shared information to areas that are not yet in crisis — but may soon be. >>>
    Hosting an International Wildlife Security Conference and facilitating information sharing between top minds in science and security, every success and every development must be shared. Wildlife behavior evolves and poaching escalates: to be effective, we must be innovative and imaginative.

    Assymetrical Security

    Radical solutions to change the game in counter poaching. >>>

    EDGE supports K9 programs, nightvision tactics, network communications and other innovations from the top minds in Special Operations. We develop new tactics with Rangers on the front lines of the poaching war, with resources — human and technological — never before introduced to counter poaching efforts. EDGE wants highly trained, capable, quick reaction rangers enabled with the right cutting edge equipment. We work to see that realized in the field in African Parks, including Kruger National Park, and — for the first time in history — African Rangers to the United States for Professional Development.

    Community Development

    It’s not enough to stop poachers in the act: we want to stop them from ever being recruited. >>>

    Many of those recruited into poaching have never even seen the animals they hunt and kill. EDGE has roots. We have unique relationships in local communities around our areas of operation. EDGE provides solar lighting to communities to help children study. We bring conservation awareness through art instruction and photography programs, and are working to support sewing centers and economic opportunities. Communities are on the frontlines of conservation, and theirs is the birthright to the incredible animals we strive to protect.


    Bringing wildlife back the right way with genetic research and barrier innovations. >>>

    Moving and growing big animal populations the right way: with thorough genetic mapping, new technology to avoid human elephant conflict and . We have installed and developed laboratories to build maps of elephant and other big game populations to allow for smart movement of animals from overpopulated to underpopulated areas. We also study the effects of Big Game Hunting on park populations. It’s one thing to breed and move at risk or endangered animals to grow numbers. EDGE aims to do it the right way, with local knowledge and scientific understanding to achieve natural populations and sustainable balance.

    About EDGE

    EDGE is an ambitious counter-poaching and conservation organization. We're a collaborative team with backgrounds in technology, US Special Operations, entertainment and international business. Our core team is international.
    We're partnered on the ground - we work directly with those on the front lines of the most radical efforts to protect and preserve endangered species.

    We bring unique resources to the campaign to protect wildlife in robust and effective ways.
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    With our partner Rory Hensman Research & Conservation Unit, we invite you to adopt one of our elephants and help support us as we work to build a genetic map to facilitate healthy and natural

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    Art Programs and Kids in South Africa

    Last week we did something special.  The EDGE team had the privilege of bringing internationally famous artist Rob Prior to Limpopo, South Africa where we provided art supplies to underprivileged kids from a local community.

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    Kruger Special Rangers in the US

    This September, EDGE (Eco Defense Group) makes history by inviting the Kruger Park Special Rangers from South Africa to the United States to help develop the top conservation leaders of tomorrow.  The Special Rangers, who represent

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    EDGE Media – Skukuza Golf Course

    EDGE is pleased contribute Media Services wherever we go.  This means pictures and videos for marketing, for example. How does this help conservation?  If we can help a lodge or another business in a conservation

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